More piano.  Pretty different from the majority of the stuff I post, right?  Changing tempo and jumping beats all over the place, semi-intentionally.

More piano.  This time it’s actually good-ish and doesn’t sound like I’ve played it a thousand times before.

More piano.  Whoopty-doo.  Also I didn’t upload anything yesterday for some reason. Sorry.

Solo piano semi-improv.  Back to some slightly-less-simple stuff here.  The main theme here is something I came up with a while ago, and have kept in my memory since because I really like it.

Well, this one is just silly.  It starts out sounding like something you would teach someone who’s never played piano before, and then it just turns into a bunch of me doing whatever like I usually do.

This is by far the best song I have ever written.  It’s really different from anything else I’ve ever done, too.  Surprisingly, it didn’t take me that long to finish it.  I started it on the twenty-ninth or thirtieth of June, and finished it on the Second of July.

My initial inspiration came from a melody I came up with a while ago, but never did anything with.  At the time, I thought it was a brilliant melody, but when I went back, I realized it was actually pretty terrible.  I decided it needed an ambient intro, so I pulled up a pad VST, came up with a good patch, and played the descending thirds that make up the second half of the intro of this song.

After playing that, I decided it didn’t fit in with the melody that initially inspired me, so I pulled it into a new file where the rest of the song fell beautifully into place.  I never did use that initial melody.  It probably would have ruined the song :D

To be honest, I’m getting kind of tired of my piano playing.  It don’t feel it’s really good enough to be going up here so often.  So much of it is the same, too.

But practice makes perfect, right?

I take it back.  This is the worst thing I’ve posted here so far.  After finding some glitchy drum samples, I constructed a simple beat and found some kind of lo-fi synth patches I made a while back.  I threw this together in less than an hour, and I’m not very proud of it.

It’s still worth posting though, if only to keep me producing music quickly.

Solo electric piano again.  This is definitely the worst thing I’ve posted here so far, but I’m going to Maine and I need to get five tracks done today, so…

Solo piano improvisation again.  When I hit all those totally out notes, I’m not trying to sound experimental or original or anything, I’m just playing them because that’s what I ended up playing.

Another improvisation.  Real-time Rhodes emulation right in my DAW.

This is one of the few times I’ve actually played something at length in a scale other than C major, C minor, or C# major.  I hit some weird notes, but those were mostly intentional.  Mostly.

Well, this is my first post for Music Every Day!  It’s just a quick little thing I played off the top of my head.  Didn’t bother with a name, but I don’t think it really needs one.  Enjoy!